So many movies, so little time


If you have a stack of DVDs and a pile of VHS tapes, or wish that you did, then Coolector may be just the ticket.

Coolector is actually three applications in one. First, it’s a movie encyclopedia, with a database of over 30,000 movies and nearly 70,000 people. Figuring out who directed Lawrence of Arabia, or what scripts William Goldman put together is easy. With cross-references between people and films, you’ll be an expert on Hollywood’s best.

Second, it’s a video collection manager. Once your collection gets to a certain size, you may start to forget whether you actually own this film or that. With Coolector, you won’t have to dig through the stacks and piles–you will be able to check and know immediately whether you already have a particular film in your collection.

And finally, it’s a shopping tool. Coolector helps you locate movies online and even helps you find the best price. If you want both the widescreen and full screen versions of The Big Lebowski, Coolector may be just the tool for you.

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  1. MountainLamb says:

    I tried this one. It’s a definate keeper. I’ve been able to easily add about a dozen of our movies and rate dozens more. It’s so easy to use.
    Downside is I cannot YET add in the many children movies not already in the database, nor does it have TVshow capabilities – but he’s working on new features daily. Updating is super easy, and was fast even on my dialup.
    The interface is so simple to use – though the search feature can sometimes be a little frustrating when you start using it. What I really loved was that I could click on an actor/ress who was a favorite and get a list of all/most of their movies and rate them easily that way. I had trouble searching by actor/ress though. Have to read the help file some more.

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