Find your own Nemo with Fish


Fish is an aquarium simulator for Macintosh systems. With Fish, you become the master of your underwater domain, adding fish of various tropical species and customizing the underwater environment to your liking. You can control the numbers and speed of your fish, as well as their sociability and even the speed of their metabolism. Feed your fish manually or automatically, and if the unthinkable happens–the inevitable “trip to the toilet” that befalls many a tropical fish–you have a Revive Fish button that will re-animate your piscine casualties.

Along with a normal human’s-eye-view of the onscreen action, you can choose from several other camera angles, including a fish cam, that allows you to view the world from the perspective of any of your fish. A full screen mode is available, making it easy to get totally caught up in your undersea world.

You can save your fish and aquariums from session-to-session, and there is even network capability, allowing you to share your fish with other users via Rendezvous.

Fish is compatible with all versions of OS X.

Download Fish

2 Responses to “Find your own Nemo with Fish”

  1. juley says:

    is there a windows version of fish

  2. Cheapy says:

    It’s Mac only.