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Scanning documents into electronic documents can be a pain. Fire up the scanner, open Photoshop, scan your document, save as a .pdf file, and on and on. Wouldn’t it be easier to cut some of those steps out of the process?

Enter Scan2PDF. This app does only one job, but it does it well. Fire up Scan2PDF, scan your document, and save it as a .pdf file. It’s that easy.

Along with being able to scan and save your document, you can also manipulate your image. Rotate it, resize it, even scan multiple documents to make a multi-page .pdf. Scan2PDF also allows you to convert various image formats into .pdf files.

Scan2PDF is a German program that has been (mostly) localized into English. The leftovers that remain auf Deutsch are fairly easy to understand.

Scan2PDF runs on Win9x and later.

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