Free Internet Window Washer wipes your fingerprints off (the) Windows


As you know, when you’re online or working on your system, you leave tracks behind. Temp folders and files, search history, browser cache, autocomplete items–they’re all out there.

Free Internet Window Washer deals with all types of history data on your system. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera browser are all supported, as are toolbars and searches for Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Data from Microsoft Office, popular IM clients, and may other applications are included. With over 100 plugins available, you can probably clean up after yourself for almost any application you’ve run on your system.

You can decide which items to delete by tweaking the settings for Free Internet Window Washer. If you want to save your cookies, but get rid of your browsing history, a couple of clicks sets you up. An “extra secure” mode is offered, that makes it virtually impossible to recover your cleaned-up files. You can configure the app to run at preselected intervals, so that you can clean up your mess even when you aren’t thinking about it.

As an extra added bonus, there is also a “boss key” that allows you to hide all your browser windows with the click of a button. Not that you’d ever need that, right?

Free Internet Window Washer supports all versions of Windows from Win95 forward.

Download Free Internet Window Washer 2.0

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