No more cold tea with Fob


Fob is a cute little kitchen timer application. It’s not an alarm, it won’t count up, but it will count down and let you know when a particular interval has elapsed. Fob just sits quietly in the Dock, counting down for you.

While you can set Fob on an ad hoc basis for timing this or that, its real power comes in the form of presets that you can create. Do you always let your tea steep for six minutes? Create a “tea” preset, and then next time you just select the preset, and you have your six-minute timer.

You can set multiple concurrent timers, so you can monitor more than one activity at a time.

The alarm itself is configurable. Alarms can be a one-time thing, or they can repeat. When time is up, you can have an icon bounce in the Dock, play a sound, or even run a program when the countdown gets to zero.

Fob is compatible with all flavors of OS X.

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