ImageTasks simplifies your image manipulation tasks


If you’ve got images that require just a little tweak here-and-there, it may not be worth your while to get out the big guns, like Photoshop. Maybe all you want to do is to adjust a little here and there.

With ImageTasks, you can apply changes to hue, saturation, brightness, and color balance. Included are twelve graphic filters to help give you just the look you want. You can add a watermark to your pictures, resize or crop your images, and convert among many popular graphic formats.

ImageTasks features easy-to-understand controls, and online tutorials will have you up and running in no time. A batch edit facility allows you to make your changes to several images, and then to save over your original files or to output to new files.

ImageTasks doesn’t support transparency; it can’t process RAW images from your digital camera or animated images, although the publishers promise to support that functionality in future releases.

ImageTasks requires Windows XP.

Download ImageTasks

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