NTFS Undelete


Deleted files aren’t necessarily gone from your system, but they require special care to bring them back. Even after you empty your Recycle Bin, your files may still be recoverable. When files are deleted on a Windows system, the files aren’t immediately destroyed, rather they are flagged in such a way that the O/S knows that they can be overwritten to reclaim their space.

While there are several tools you can use to undelete files, NTFS Undelete is distributed in three different formats. Since the mere act of installing a file recovery application may actually destroy the very files you are working to recover, NTFS Undelete can be downloaded as a .zip file or as an ISO disk image that you can burn to a CD or DVD. Running from removable media helps prevent the accidental destruction of your deleted data.

Your files are recovered onto a different volume than the one on from which they were deleted, so that the very act of recovering the deleted files doesn’t irrevocably destroy them.

The publisher also hosts an active online forum open to discussion of all things NTFS.

NTFS Undelete can be used on any NTFS volume under Windows 2000, 2003, or XP.

Download NTFS Undelete

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