Take a step back with ASCII Generator


Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, before graphics cards and laser printers, ASCII was the only game in town. You could get images on your screen and your printouts only if you could create them out of alphanumeric characters. You can revisit those days with ASCII Generator.

Using only plain old text characters, ASCII Generator converts your images into high-quality ASCII art. You can save these off as .gif images or as straight-up text files. You can use the default font, or choose your own for a different look. Another effect that wasn’t available way back when is that you can save the text file in color. It’s a different look than you’ve seen before, and reflective of some pretty clever engineering.

ASCII Generator can use image files from your system, or from your clipboard. There is a batch mode that allows you to feed the app a list of images to convert.

ASCII Generator will run on any Win32 platform.

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