Sunbird brings Mozilla to your calendar


Sunbird, a standalone application of their Calendar Project, is a calendar and scheduling tool built on the Mozilla framework like its siblings Firefox and Thunderbird. Like those apps, it’s an open source, cross-platform application.

With Sunbird, you can look at a day, week, multiple weeks, or a month at a time. Enter events to attend, tasks to keep track of, and more. Create “to do” lists. Set reminders for single-occurrence events or repeated items.

Sunbird supports multiple calendars, so you can keep your work- and home lives separate. You can store your calendars locally, or you can park them on a server to share calendars with others in your workgroup.

Sunbird’s functionality is also available as an extension for the Thunderbird email client called “Lightning.” This gives you Outlook-like integration between scheduling and messaging.

Sunbird runs on Mac (OS X 10.2+), Windows (Win2k or later), and Linux (kernel 2.2.14 or better, with appropriate libraries) and is localized into at least seventeen languages.

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