FileHamster: free realtime file revision solution for content creators


Pick your scenario: Create new document; could be a graphics file, could be a source code document. It works file. Tweak it here. Tweak it there. Tweak it a few more times. Now it’s broken. How do you get it back? You saved it after each tweak, but did you save each version to a separate file, or do you just have the last saved version?

What about three different versions of the same file? Use this filter here and that filter there. Unless you come up with some pretty clever naming conventions, you now may have a hard time getting back to the exact version you want.

FileHamster may be what you’re looking for. FileHamster will keep track of each revision for you. Set it to watch a particular directory; any “save” in that directory and you’ll be prompted to enter a note or otherwise keep track of what changes you’ve made. It’s much easier to play “what if” games if you can be confident that you aren’t going to lose your work by saving over it.

FileHamster requires Win2k or later and the .NET Framework 2.0.

Download FileHamster

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