Treepad Lite: heavyweight information manager and database


Treepad Lite is an intuitive, easy-to-use data management program. Instead of building elaborate data entry forms with keeping track of complicated data types, you simply type your information into the app as free-form text. The genius of Treepad Lite is in its tree-based structure that allows you to organize and re-organize as you go, dragging “articles” and nodes around the screen and grafting them onto the “tree” wherever they make the most sense. Having entered data into the app, you can then easily search for it to retrieve what you need.

Treepad Lite supports hyperlinks, so you can reference and access other files and documents on your system, the Web, newsgroups, email addresses, and more.

The look and feel is like Windows Explorer, so you already know how to use the interface.

Treepad Lite is small enough that you can run it from a floppy or a thumb drive, so it is highly portable. You can use the included installer, or simply drag files to where you need them. The app is totally self-contained, so there aren’t a bunch of extra DLLs clogging up your system.

You can run Treepad Lite on any Windows system from Win9x or later. There is also a Linux version available.

Download Treepad Lite

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