Open Terminal Here makes it easier to get in touch with your inner UNIX


In spite of its cool interface, there are just some things you can’t do with the Finder, where you need to open Terminal to talk to your OS X’s “inner UNIX”. Getting to a directory nested six layers deep can be a real chore, especially when many of the folders have Mac-friendly but UNIX-hostile spaces embedded in their names. Quotation marks and backslashes can make you crazy.

Open Terminal Here is an Applescript droplet that lets you open a Terminal window in the currently-selected folder that you’re visiting in the Finder. Use OS X’s browse-friendly UI to navigate through your folders, and then pop Terminal open and you’re right there. Open Terminal Here sits in the toolbar of your Finder window, just waiting for its next assignment. Or as a droplet, you can drag a folder and drop it on its icon and open a Terminal window immediately in that folder. A big time saver to be sure.

Open Terminal Here requires OS X.

Download Open Terminal Here

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