Vulnerability is over with Blink Personal Edition


Viruses, spyware, phishing, zombie computers–it’s a jungle out there. By the time you add enough tools to your system to keep the “bad guys” at bay, there’s no room for you to actually work with your system.

Blink Personal Edition is a soup-to-nuts security solution for personal and home office use. Incorporating tools that protect against viruses and spyware, firewalls for system and applications, registry protection, and much more, it can replace a host of other tools, and since it has a much smaller footprint than those other apps, your system won’t become overloaded and you will actually be able to work, rather than dedicating all your resources to protecting your system.

Available as a free, one-year subscription, Blink Personal Edition will run on a P2-233 at 233 MHz, and only requires 60MB of disk space. It is compatible with Win2k and later.

Download Blink Personal Edition

One Response to “Vulnerability is over with Blink Personal Edition”

  1. Rob says:

    Only applicable in US & Canada
    Disappointment for others like me.