End repetitive repetitive typing with Phrase Express


Do you type the same phrases over and over again? Do you type the same phrases over and over again? Whether a simple “best regards” at the end of a quick note, or an entire email or document template, much of your day is spent typing the same text over and over again.

With Phrase Express, you can cut your typing down to a much more manageable size. While Microsoft Word and other productivity tools have “auto text” or “auto complete” functionality, there’s a good chance that your email client, or your favorite IM tool, or other program that you use all the time does no;. you can even use Phrase Express with your browser to fill in web forms.

You can use Phrase Express the way that best supports your work style: select phrases from a popup menu, use autocomplete, or even take advantage of hotkeys to enter text into your documents.

Phrase Express stores your phrases in XML-compatible files and makes backups or distribution to multiple workstations easy and painless, or you can configure a workstation to act as a server and share a single phrase file across your organization.

Phrase Express requires WinNT, Win2k or later.

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One Response to “End repetitive repetitive typing with Phrase Express”

  1. Xenonym says:

    The download site isn’t even accessible.

    Pity I have an absolute need for this one. All of my dad’s company invoices have regular repeated phrases that I just hate typing over and over again.