Convert Any Video with Any Video Converter


There are all sorts of open source video format conversion tools out there, but each one is different, and some may be trickier to learn than others. Isn’t there somebody who has taken all these, bundled them together, and slapped an easy-to-use interface on them so that they are easy to use?

Yes there is, and they call it Any Video Converter.

Whether you are converting one file, or have a directory full of files to convert, Any Video Converter may be the tool for you. With the power to convert between all popular video formats, use built-in profiles, or create your own, you can now convert just about any video file format to run on your iPod, PSP, phone, or MP4 player. Users report very fast conversion speeds, and excellent file size compression. You can choose the sample rate, bit rate, and other parameters, to make your new videos work best for you. Trim your videos to keep just the sections you want.

Any Video Converter runs on any Win32 system from Windows 98 on up.

Download Any Video Converter

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