Style Sheets rule the day with Cascade DTP


In the Beginning was the Table. Every website was built in tables. It was a crude, but relatively effective way to enforce the visual layout of your website. And it was the only game in town.

Enter Cascading Style Sheets. Now the table can be used–for tables! All modern browsers support CSS, and this is a much more versatile technology for visual layout implementation.

Cascade DTP is a page composition tool that makes it easy to implement CSS in your page design. You can easily format your page elements–font, color, location, etc.–and really control how your pages look. Precisely position design elements on the page; specify point size, justification, and line spacing for text, place images just so, choose border colors, and even define how your scrollbars appear.

Pages built using CSS rather than tables tend to load faster, and because you are removing extra code from the pages, it is easier for search engine robots to index your site, helping improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results.

Cascade DTP is compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows, from Win95 on up.

Download Cascade DTP

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