If you can hear it, Smart PC Recorder can save it


Smart PC Recorder will take sound–any sound–and record it to to a high-quality .wav or .mp3 file. If you can hear it through your computer, Smart PC Recorder can record it. Taking input from a microphone, line-in, audio cassettes, CDs, or even other applications, Smart PC Recorder works with your computer’s sound card to convert analog signal to digital and record it.
Introduce your vinyl collection to your iPod. Record Internet radio broadcasts. Save your own virtuosity with the kazoo. The list goes on.

You can choose the encoding method, bit rate, and sampling rate for your recordings, and decide whether to record in stereo or monaural. Save as .wav files to maintain full fidelity, or store as .mp3 to save space.

Smart PC Recorder doesn’t require that your PC be too smart: it will run on any Windows system, from Win98 onward.

Download Smart PC Recorder

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