Web pages change all the time. While subscribing to RSS Feeds is a good way to keep on top of that changing content, it’s a fact of life that not every webmaster provides you with one, and even the ones that do may not be tracking what you want to look at. Going back and checking the site multiple times a day may drive you nuts. Isn’t there some way to have that done for you?

Take a look at ChangesMeter. You can configure it to check on your favorite pages, with each URL configured individually for the interval between checks; update as frequently as hourly, or as little as just once a day. ChangesMeter can also do something that the best RSS feed can never do: keep track of changes on your local system.

Just set ChangesMeter to watch your pages or files and walk away. It sticks a little icon in the menu bar to let you know when things are changing, but stays out of your way the rest of the time. It’s easy to add, tweak, and remove locations to monitor.

ChangesMeter is a Universal Binary, so it will run on PowerPC- and Intel Macs. It requires OS X 10 4.8 or better.

Download ChangesMeter

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