Get it together with Merge


Merge is a freeware application that allows you to merge two separate image files into a third that incorporates both originals. An obvious use for a tool like this is to watermark images, and Merge does this very well. You can watermark an individual picture, or a whole directory of images in very short order. With up to ten lines of text, you will be able to put just what you want onto your pictures.

Merge also allows you to merge images for other purposes as well. Fade one image into another, effectively superimposing one picture over another. You can also do a “quadrant merge”, where you combine for individual images into one large composite image, with one original in each corner of the result.

Merge gives you several options for your merge, so you can get just the right result. And the best thing is that your originals are left untouched. Don’t like the result? Go back and try again.

Merge runs on all 32-bit Windows systems.

Download Merge

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