No need to stick pins in dolls with VoodooPad Lite


Does your head ever get just too full? People to see, things to do; sometimes it’s all too much. A monitor covered with Post-Its; several legal pads scattered across your desk and floor. How do you keep track of it all?

VoodooPad Lite is a desktop wiki that allows you to record your thoughts and observations–notes, URLs, to-do lists, etc.–in ways that make sense to you. Spin multiple files together into a desktop web of information. Create new pages, tie them together. Hyperlinks allow you to jump from page to page as you subdue the information overload. Tabs let you look at multiple pages at once. An integrated search facility helps you to find what you’re looking for; Spotlight is supported also. You can even run shell (or other language) scripts from within VoodooPad Lite. Sheets, drawers, and all that swell OS X stuff is supported natively.

VoodooPad Lite is a Mac app, and requires Tiger (10.4.6+).

Download VoodooPad Lite

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