Breathe easier with BabyMouse


Like a cat on the keyboard, a toddler on a mouse can wreak havoc on your system. There are a lot of good programs that younger–or not so young–users can avail themselves of on your computer, but sometimes they can get themselves into trouble, and this may be bad news for your computer.

BabyMouse is an application that basically turns-off everything but the main button on your mouse. By disabling the secondary mouse button, you do away with right-click context menus; with the scroll wheel disabled, you won’t have web pages run away from you while you are looking at them. This means that your mouse behaves like a mouse, and nothing else. Taking away choices, including potentially bad ones, makes working with your little one safer and less nerve wracking for both of you.

BabyMouse is a Windows app, and requires version 1.1. of the .NET framework, which you can also download via a link on the publisher’s site.

Download BabyMouse

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