Is it chicken or fish? Chicken of the VNC


VNC, virtual network computing, is a technology used to remotely control another computer. While you can use Telnet or SSH to run another machine from yours, those only work with terminal applications. If you’ve got a GUI app that you need to run on another system, you’re out of luck, unless you use a VNC client.

We’ve looked at RealVNC in the past; today we visit Chicken of the VNC, a Mac VNC client for systems running OS X.

Chicken of the VNC can attach to any computer that is running a VNC server. Whether across the room on your network, or across the world via the Internet, you can connect to any machine. By entering the IP address or hostname of the target machine, you can connect with that remote system, running Windows, Linux, OS X, or virtually any other operating system.

Help your technology-challenged parent get online; run “headless” servers in your office (no monitor required); support your end users; the list goes on.

Chicken of the VNC will run on just about any Mac running OS X.

Download Chicken of the VNC

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