What’s a six-letter word that starts with “r”?


We all enjoy word games and puzzles. Sometimes they are interesting and challenging. Other times they are frustrating and aggravating. What is that missing word? How am I going to fill that hole? Can somebody help me?

Using Word Finder Pro is like having the “cheat” codes for a crossword puzzle. If you know you need a six-letter word that starts with an “r”, you can generate a list of all possible words that will fit that space, subject to the words in Word Finder’s word list.

Word Finder Pro comes with a list of some 172,000 words, so you can make Scrabble or the New York Times crossword puzzle cower before you. You can also add your own word lists, or download additional and updated lists from the publisher’s web site.

Amaze your friends. Hold your head high. Be the envy of all those around you. Do your crosswords in ink.

Well, maybe not that self assured….

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2 Responses to “What’s a six-letter word that starts with “r”?”

  1. Charles Adair says:

    Broken link. Cannot go to download page.

  2. Whirlie says:

    You just can’t get there from here! Linkwise, that is…

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