What you see is what you get


Wink is a screen capture application with a difference: you can save not just static screens, but movement onscreen as well. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words do you suppose a movie is worth?

Use Wink to to automate presentations, or to build tutorials that show your viewers what is actually happening on their screens. Mouse movements, mouse clicks, dropdowns–they’re all there. You can save your sessions as Flash movies, which makes it easy to use them for the web, or you can save them as standalone executables (.exe files) for local use on PCs. In addition, Wink also allows you to save your sessions as a series of .pdf files, making it easy to incorporate their content into printable documents as well. You can also record audio, and use your voiceovers to fully explain the action on-screen.

Wink is available for Windows and popular Linux distros as well.

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