Stormy weather


METAR (an acronym from a really long French phrase) is a format used for reporting weather information and conditions. Typically used by pilots as part of their pre-flight weather briefing, METAR information communicates a lot of information in a very little amount of space. Through clever use of abbreviations and data format conventions, it is possible to fully communicate weather data if very few characters. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it looks like just so much gibberish.

MetarWeather has the smarts to translate this cryptic data into useable information for us human beings. For a given reporting station, which are usually located at airports, you can get the current temperature, dewpoint, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and other important weather information. METAR data is typically updated hourly.

With MetarWeather you can monitor as many locations as you want, both domestically and internationally. Data in the United States comes from NOAA, the official government weather people, so you know the data is as as good as you can get.

MetarWeather runs on all 32-bit Windows systems, and requires at least version 3.0 of Internet Explorer.

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