Any port in a storm?


Your computer's a busy place. Things happening, data coming and going; how do you keep track of it all? CurrPorts is a good place to start.

CurrPorts keeps track of which ports on your system are open and who is using them. For all TCP and UDP connections, you can see instantly which process–by name and PID–is using it, who owns the process, and when it started. Suspicious processes, those without version information or application icons, are highlighted so that you can pay special attention to them.

If you see something unwanted happening, you can choose to close a given port, or even kill the offending process. Along with monitoring activity on-screen, you can also save log info to .html or .xml files, or as tab-delimited text files.

CurrPorts doesn't support Win98/ME, but it will work with NT, Win2k, and later.

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