What is all this stuff?


How complicated is your computer? Is your system optimized to run as fast as possible? With processor, memory, storage, connection information, system and application software, it’s a wonder anybody can figure it all out.

Belarc Advisor will take an inventory of your hardware, software, and settings, and report back to you. It’ll generate a list of your software serial numbers. Missing Microsoft patches? They’re listed also. You can have in one place an exhaustive list of everything important about your system.

Belarc Advisor runs only on your local machine; even though your configuration info is displayed in your web browser, it is never sent to a server, so your information is safe. Everything you see displayed is generated on your system. You shouldn’t even have to be connected to the ‘Net to run it.

Belarc Advisor will run on any Win32 system, and requires version 3 of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or later, and is compatible with many other browsers as well.

Download Belarc Advisor

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