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How much sensitive data do you have on your system? Can you be sure it won’t accidentally–or otherwise–fall into the wrong hands? Passwords, financial data, the list goes on. It’s just too dangerous to have that kind of stuff sitting around. You need some way to protect yourself and that important information.

File Waster securely encrypts your files, using state-of-the-art encryption methods. You can also choose to compress your files as they are encrypted, saving space at the same time that you are protecting your sensitive data. And File Waster will recurse subdirectories, so you can encrypt multiple files or whole projects all at once.

Secure data is not much good, though, if the original files were just deleted at the operating system level. After it’s done encrypting your files, File Waster goes back and wipes the originals, making it impossible for anybody to get them back. You can even use this cleanup facility if you aren’t encrypting your files, so you may want to integrate it into your regular machine maintenance routines.

File Waster will run on any Win32 system from '95 up to Vista.

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