Why do they make those web pages so hard to see?


Computers are such a visual medium that your experience can be severely limited if you can't see what's on the screen. Whether because of limitations in your vision, or design choices made by a site’s webmaster, if you can’t see it, you can’t fully understand it.

Virtual Magnifying Glass does exactly what it sounds like: you can magnify sections of your screen to see just what is going on there. The magnifying lens follows your mouse around the display, so to zoom in on an area, you just point with your mouse and you’re there.

Users can adjust Virtual Magnifying Glass to work the way then need it to: the lens height and width can be adjusted, zoom can be set anywhere from 1x up to 20x, and the mouse scroll wheel can be used to zoom. Multiple displays are supported on several versions of Windows.

Virtual Magnifying Glass is available for Windows, Linux, and even FreeBSD.

Download Virtual Magnifying Glass

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