Time to redecorate with DeskDecal


For some people, a computer is just a tool to get a job done. For the hard-core, a computer is an extension of their very being. The icons on your desktop are arranged just so; you have the precise set of programs you need; your desktop wallpaper makes the exact statement you need it to make.

So now it's time to change your wallpaper. Where was that setting again: View? Edit? System Preferences?

DeskDecal is the easiest way going to change your desktop wallpaper fast. Just drag any image file and drop it on DeskDecal's icon, and voilà instant wallpaper change. You don’t have to dig through preferences, and you don't have to browse through your hard drive looking for the image–it's all on your desktop, and the change takes place now.

DeskDecal is a Mac app and requires OS X.

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