You’ll never be left red-faced with Crimson Editor


Not just another Notepad clone, Crimson Editor is really a professional source code editor for Windows. Featuring syntax highlighting for over a hundred languages, you'll probably find the ones you use, or you can roll your own syntax files to bring in even more.

With multiple undo/redo actions, macros, and an output window, you can build your own IDE (we like to use it with FreeBASIC, reviewed earlier). Code, compile, and run, all from within Crimson Editor.

Find-and-replace works across multiple documents and supports regular expressions, so you can efficiently make changes across a whole project. And speaking of projects, you can manage multiple files as a project, including remote files as well. Equipped with an FTP client, you can edit remote files directly. A built-in dictionary with 100,000 words makes spell-checking easy. The list does go on and on.

Download Crimson Editor

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