Use your bean: use Bean


When Word is too much, but Text Edit is not enough, you need to find a middle ground. Bean may be the app you've "bean" looking for.

Bean has most of the bells-and-whistles of the big apps, but without the bloat. You can format text, of course. Onscreen options allow you to show and hide invisible characters, use alternate colors (light characters on dark background), and easily zoom in- and out. Autosave means never having to say "oops!" when things go bad. There's a page layout mode, so you can accurately see what your documents will look like when printed. Bean is compatible with most generally used document formats, either natively or through import- and export facilities.

Most of the time, you don't need the things that Bean doesn't do: headers and footers, floating images, columns, and such.

Bean is a Universal Binary, so you should have no problem running it on PPC or x86 Mac running OS X 10.4+.

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