And dance by the light of the moon


Moonphase is a cool application that, as its name suggests, shows you the phase of the moon on a given date, incorporating NASA photos to get you up close and personal with our celestial neighbor.

By entering your latitude and longitude, you can get precise moon rise, transit, and set times, as well as rise, transit, and set times for the sun. You can set your timezone, with an option for adding an extra half hour where appropriate. A checkbox allows you to adjust for daylight/summer time.

And if you really, really need to know, now that you've entered your location information, Moonphase can give the exact distance to the moon from your location.

For anglers, Moonphase can also show you "good fishing days", as listed in the Angler's Almanac.

For those south of the equator, or the curious in the north, there is also a Southern Hemisphere version.

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