So fast, it’s almost like magic


You know the drill: get a new machine, and zooms right along. But over time, as more and more apps are loaded onto your system, it slows as the system has to slog through more and more "stuff". This is especially true on start up. Every app that gets loaded onto your system thinks it's the most important one, and that it absolutely must be loaded when you boot up. After a while, it seems to take forever just to get up and running.

Magic Speed takes a long, hard look at your system and figures out what is getting between you and the zippy performance you miss. By cleaning up leftover temporary files, questionable registry entries, and programs that you really don't need to be loaded on startup, your system will speed up as if by magic.

Magic Speed is a Windows application and is compatible with systems running WinNT/Win2k or later.

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