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The change in Macintosh architecture to use Intel processors opened a whole new world to Mac users. With BootCamp, you no longer had to go out and buy a Windows machine, for example, just because you had one or two mission-critical applications that just didn't exist on the Mac. You could leverage your hardware resources by running both Win and Mac apps on the same box.

With BootCamp, you can decide which environment to boot your Mac into: OS X, Windows, Linux, or conceivably anything else that will run on the x86 platform. By default, only an administrator can choose an alternate boot volume, and workarounds were complicated and potentially dangerous from a security standpoint.

Enter Mike Bombich, the guy who wrote Carbon Copy Cloner, the standard for moving bootable Mac drive images from one drive to another. His slick tool BootPicker makes it easy for a non-admin user to choose the environment to boot into. The selection screen can be customized to not only choose which operating system to boot into, but also to give a list of apps, for example, on each system, giving the user direction in making the appropriate choice.

For network environments, BootPicker can be managed remotely, so that things don't get out of hand.

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