Find that folder fast with Folder Marker Free


You use a highlighter when you read through dense documents. It makes it easier to pick out the important passages so that you can find them more easily next time. Many of your computer's apps let you highlight text in documents as well. What about folders when you're digging through Windows Explorer? Sure, Windows lets you tweak your folder icons, but wouldn't it be nice if you could do so quickly and easily?

Folder Marker Free adds this functionality to your context menus. by "right clicking" folders in Explorer, you can now customize the icons for one, many, or all of the folders on your screen. You can mark folders in different colors, to be able to quickly and easily spot them on-screen. Or you can flag them with icons to indicate priority and work status: high-, normal-, or low priority; planned, half-done, or finished work, etc. Along with the canned colors and icons, you can even add your icons from a number of different image types.

Folder Marker Free is licensed for free use on your home computer. It runs on WinNT, Win98 and later.

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2 Responses to “Find that folder fast with Folder Marker Free”

  1. Ken says:

    Decent program works well, HOWEVER, it’s a 30 day trial!

  2. Chippy says:

    There appear to be three different versions of Folder Marker: a Pro version and a Home version, both of which are shareware with a 30-day warning, and the Free version, which includes no such warning. The EULA for the Free version states that it is freeware, and there’s no nag screen when you fire the app up.