Free International Phone Calls


What's the best rate you've seen for calls overseas? Fifty cents a minute? Twenty cents? How about free.

Yak4Ever is a free service that lets you call all over the place for nothing. Register your U. S. phone number and up to ten numbers you want to call, wait up to 24 hours for the telephone elves to set you up, and then you can start calling most anywhere. Their current list of countries includes much of Europe, Latin America, and a substantial chunk of Asia as well. The list of places they make available makes reference to "fixed [dialing] codes", so your mileage may vary if you include mobile numbers in your calling list. (Even in the "regular" telephone world calling rates to cell phones overseas are often higher than those to landlines.)

Yak4Ever uses your regular telephone, so there is none of the latency or cutting-out that you can experience with VOIP arrangements.

Yak4Ever promises that they'll never use your information for any nefarious purposes, and that your privacy is guaranteed.

Hey, you can't beat the price, so maybe you ought to give it a try.

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