Don’t lose your stuff–or your mind–with Clipdiary


Copy and paste, copy and paste. It's the order of the day. Whether text or images, we all copy and paste many times a day. Did you ever wish you could paste today what you copied yesterday? It's easy to bookmark a web page, but a clipboard item? Not so much.

Enter Clipdiary. With Clipdiary, everything you copy- or cut to the clipboard is saved off to a database. That means that the data you saved to the clipboard an hour ago, a day ago, or a year ago will be available to you now when you need it. Clipdiary loads on Windows startup and just sits there waiting to record your clipboard activity. Once recorded, your new clipboard contents are added to that database, and you can get them back when you need them. You can choose to have your saved text and images loaded back into the clipboard, or you can paste them directly from Clipdiary's "Select…" dialog.

Clipdiary is designed for Win2k/WinXP.

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