Let ForkLift do the heavy lifting


Why is a Swiss Army Knife so cool? Because it does everything, in one compact little package. Knife, can opener, corkscrew–it does it all. ForkLift may well be the Swiss Army Knife of Mac file manager apps.

ForkLift is a combination of the Finder and Spotlight, with a healthy dose of FTP thrown in for good measure. With a dual-pane main window, it's easy to move files from here to there. Smart folders let you better organize your work without the time-consuming tedium of manually locating and moving documents around on your system. FTP functionality allows you to not only put and get files, but you can actually edit files on the remote system without having to move them back to your machine. ForkLift will let you browse the contents of most archive files as if they were "real" folders, so no more unpacking archives only to find that they aren't the ones you're looking for. Manipulate documents on remote servers, or even mobile devices, as if they were stored on your computer.

ForkLift is a Universal Binary app and requires OS X 10.4+.

Download ForkLift

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