Make your world–and your kids’ world–safer with Crawler Parental Control


It's a dangerous world out there. Porn sites, chat rooms, websites that want to install questionable apps on your system. You don't want keep your kids completely away from the Internet, but you don't want to give them free rein either. What's a parent to do?

While it's called "Crawler Parental Control", it might be better termed "Access Control". Not only will Crawler Parental Control help keep your kids away from seedy- or dangerous neighborhoods online, but it can also be part of your overall system security regimen. While preventing visits to places you'd rather not have your system go, but you can also block installation onto your computer of unauthorized applications–or the accidental removal of programs or data that you want to have on your system.

Crawler Parental Control also allows you to better monitor the amount of time spent online by setting limits for when users can use your computer and how long they can stay on. Detailed activity reports let you know exactly what's going on with your machine, helping you to maintain better control.

Crawler Parental Control is designed for Windows machines running Win2k or WinXP.

Download Crawler Parental Control

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