Change lead into gold with Sqirlz Morph


You've seen the effect before. Take one picture and change it into another by "morphing" it. As if the images were bits of clay, ready to be molded by your hands, morphing molds one image into another one.

Sqirlz Morph is a free application that lets you morph your beat-up old junker into a Formula 1 racer, or even your plain-old face into that glamorous star you always wanted to be. Starting with "before" and "after" pictures, you set corresponding points on each image–eyes, nose, chin, etc.–and Sqirlz Morph supplies the "tweening", the all-important transition between your tiny chin and Leno's ample one, for example.

For a variation, you can also try "multi-morphing", where you morph several different images together.

Sqirlz Morph lets you save your handiwork off in any of several different file formats, both animated and still.

Download Sqirlz Morph

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