NeoOffice: it’s like Microsoft Office without the Microsoft part


Microsoft is always the 800-pound gorilla in any room when talking about software. Their Office application suite is the definition of ubiquitous, being used in offices, classrooms, and homes the world over. If you can't read and write Office-compatible files, you really aren't in the game.

NeoOffice is a free, open source app licensed under the GPL. Based on the suite, NeoOffice adds Mac-specific features to make it easier for Apple users to take care of business without having to pay obeisance to the Powers that Be in Redmond. Unlike with for Mac, you won't need to add the X11 framework to support the suite–it uses Java instead, which is already part of your Mac.

NeoOffice incorporates a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager and more. These apps can read and write virtually all files by and for their commercial counterparts, so your Word docs can be edited, PowerPoint presentations can be tweaked, and your Excel spreadsheets can be updated. NeoOffice supports page formatting, macros, and most of the other bells and whistles, so you really will be able to take care of business without wondering whether you will be able to share files with your Office-using associates.

NeoOffice is a Mac app and requires OS X ver 10.3 or later.

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