Take control of your hard drive with Cute Partition Manager


Partitioning your drive is a great way to try to bring sanity to your system's hard disk. By breaking what may be a huge amount of storage into smaller, more-managable chunks, can help you to make better use of this important system resource. One of the big drawbacks to the partitioning exercise is that we do it so rarely, that it's easy to forget exactly what the commands are from one time to the next. We've all spent many a frustrating afternoon with the tried-and-true fdisk utility.

Cute Partition Manager is a free tool that allows you to add, edit, and delete partitions. You can't use it to merge or resize partitions, but you can create oodles of partitions and tweak all their settings to make your system hum right along. Want two partitions? Ten? A hundred? It's easy to set things exactly how you want them. Choose the partition type, set the boot flag, and more.

Install Cute Partition Manager to a floppy, CD, or DVD, boot from the removable medium, and start partitioning. No operating system is required, since Cute Partition Manager uses its own O/S to boot.

As with all down-in-the-guts procedures on your system, be absolutely sure that you back-up your irreplaceable data, since there is always the risk of the dreaded "oops!" moment right after you press Enter.

Cute Partition Manager is compatible with any 32-bit flavor of Windows from Win95 on up.

Download Cute Partition Manager

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