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Just think how much information you touch each day. You log into your email program. You log into your bank's website. You log in to edit your blog. The list goes on and on. And you use a different, non-trivial password for each account, right? Or maybe not.

The best passwords are those that are long and random. It's easy to guess your dog's name, but a dozen or two mixed upper- and lower case letters, a few digits, and a couple of punctuation marks thrown in for good measure? Pretty secure, both from the "bad guys", but also from you. How can you remember that great, unbreakable password? Maybe you shouldn't even try. A tool like Password Prime may be the best way to deal with all the complexity.

Password Prime allows you to create the complex, not-so-easy-to-crack passwords that you really should be using. Rather than having them all jotted down on PostIt's around your monitor, your passwords can be carefully tucked into Password Prime, where they await you, encrypted, and hidden behind just one password. Rather than having to remember all of those passwords now, you have only one to keep track of.

Password Prime lets you sort to find what you're looking for. Links to your sites are included, so one click takes you where you want to go. Built-in copy and paste functionality makes it easy to log in once you're there.

Isn't it time for some real protection for your information?

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  1. fran says:

    thank you

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  3. Wally says:

    Great! BUT
    Do not load the default browser

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