Take control of start-up with Run Monitor


Morning is a crazy time, with so much to do: roll out of bed, exercise, shower, newspaper, breakfast, kids out the door, off to work. The most hectic time of the day hits before you're really conscious, and doesn't let up until you've run through the list. Startup is hard.

Your computer thinks so, too. When you boot your system up, it goes through all kinds of tasks to check itself out, get situated, and get its head together. And then there's the apps you want it to run too. Maybe you have your email program start automatically. Maybe there are folders you have opened. Network drives to be mapped. Anti-virus and anti-spyware apps. The list goes on and on. Just like you, your computer may work the hardest as it's just getting going.

Did you ever wonder exactly what your system was doing while all this was going on? Run Monitor is a free tool to help you get a handle on start-up. It will provide you with a list of what exactly is happening during this very busy time in your computer's day. In addition, you can take control of the process by adding, changing, or removing tasks from your machine's startup regimen. Add an important new task to start-up, or remove an old one that you really don't need any more–it's up to you.

Run Monitor helps you take control of your windows-based computer's start-up process. If only it could help the kids get dressed faster.

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