Halloween Harry saves the day in Alien Carnage


Originally published as Halloween Harry, the game Alien Carnage has recently been re-released as freeware. Featuring both flame throwers and zombies, it was truly state-of-the art back in the early 90's, and is still exciting today.

Halloween Harry, our intrepid hero, is responsible for penetrating the alien ship that has hidden itself under the city. Calling on his extensive arsenal of weapons, including the photon cannon, micro nukes, and even the very powerful Omega bomb, Harry will have the nasty aliens on the run in no time.

Alien Carnage is an old-school game, and will most likely work best on an old-school system; released before Win2k or XP were a twinkle in Bill's eye, you will probably have better luck with earlier versions of Windows. The included ReadMe file has some more useful suggestions about this.

Download Alien Carnage

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    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!