Loan Calculator tells you how much that loan is going to cost


How much is that new house or car really going to cost you? Sure, you negotiate for the best price; you fight for the best interest rate, but what's it going to cost you by the time you pay it off? Amortization tables are complicated, and you probably don't have one stuck in your back pocket. You could go out and buy an expensive financial calculator. Or you could download Loan Calculator, a free tool to figure your costs for you.

Key in the loan amount, the interest rate, and the number of payments, and Loan Calculator will tell you how much your loan is going to cost you by the time you pay your purchase off. It will also tell you what each payment will be. You can take control of you negotiations and your purchases by knowing beforehand just what your purchase will really cost you.

Loan Calculator will also generate printable amortization tables, so you will know each step of the way how much your loan has cost you to date.

Loan Calculator is distributed as a Universal Binary for OS X.

Download Loan Calculator

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