Earthquakes, storms, fires: stay on top of it all with Earth Alerts


Planet Earth is a restless place. Between severe weather, active earthquake faults, and erupting volcanoes, there's always something going on out there. We're all curious and like to know what's happening; sometimes, it's more than that and we really need to know.

Earth Alerts takes information from many different sources and conveniently puts it all in one place, making it easy to stay on top of what's happening out there. Calling on resources such as the US Geological Survey, the National Weather Service, and more, this app keeps you up to date on what is happening out there.

You can specify the type of information you want to track, and let Earth Alerts do the heavy lifting, keeping an eye on the data–much of it in real-time–coming from these trusted sources. You will be among the first to know when storms hit, the ground shakes, volcanoes erupt, or any of the many other events you choose to track.

Earth Alerts is a Windows app and requires WinXP or Vista.

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