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Spam is a nasty thing. It clogs up your inbox; it takes your time and attention to get rid of it. There are lots of tools out there to help get rid of it, but many of them require that you change your email client to get that protection. True, that copy of EZMailDesktopClient you've been using forever could be replaced, but it works just right with your routine. How can you add anti-spam functionality to that old tool?

Spam Experts Home is an app that may be just the ticket for you. Instead of replacing your familiar email program, Spam Experts Home sits between you and your mail server. Whenever your email program asks the server to give it any new mail that has accumulated, Spam Experts Home intercepts that request, and it downloads the new messages. It then sorts through them, and sends the good ones along to you. It works with both POP3 and IMAP mail systems, so it will probably work for you.

Using a "training period", Spam Experts Home lets you teach it what is spam and what isn't. Over time, it learns your preferences, and will get better and better and trashing the real spam, and letting the good stuff come through.

Spam Experts Home is a free download for home use. It runs on Win2k or later, although they are still working on Vista compatibility.

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