TubeTV puts YouTube in your pocket


YouTube is arguably the Next Biggest Thing. Unless you're not online. At that point, it's just another resource that's not available to you. Until now.

TubeTV is a slick app that allows you to convert YouTube videos into a format that's usable by your iPod, phone, or even AppleTV. YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, and others use a special Flash Video format for their movies. Those flv files aren't readily accessible by your run-of-the-mill media player, but TubeTV can take those files and convert them into other formats that are usable by your other apps.

To use it, just download your movie, convert it, and there you go. In addition to various video formats, you can also rip the audio track alone directly to MP3, so even your pre-video iPod can reap the rewards.

You will need to have QuickTime on your machine, and the Perian plugin (link available at the site) to complete your conversions.

TubeTV is a Mac app and requires OS X 10.4.

Download TubeTV

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